Treatments Designed Around You

Welcoming Relaxed Environment

We are aware visiting the dentist might be difficult if you are anxious or feel afraid. This is common; you are not alone!

Do not worry we can help at Langley Dental Practice. We offer IV sedation treatment to our anxious patients. 

Being anxious is normal and we aim to keep you as comfortable as possible. A warm welcome from our whole dental team to all our patients.

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How We Do It

The Environment

The practice itself has been designed to be open and calming. Our reception room is bright and airy. 

We believe de-clinicalising areas helps to create ‘a safe space’ where patients can feel more like they’re at a friend’s house than the dentist, hopefully helping them achieve a sense of relaxation.

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The Team

Never under-estimate the importance of friendly and welcoming staff, greeting patients warmly upon arrival. At Langley Dental Practice we make sure all our patients are met with a smile ensuring their very first impression is a positive one. Helping put patients at ease with a personable and approachable staff whom will guide them through every step of the patient journey is a simple, yet effective, patient management technique often under-utilised.


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Spoken Language

We appreciate many of the words we use every day have negative connotations for our patients so by careful consideration of our language we can avoid exacerbating our patients’ anxieties.


We will always strive to treat you with care and compassion in a supportive and non-judgmental manner

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